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Latest News: DKOMS Provides Design, Hosting, E-mail and eCommerce Solutions to Farish N Spares.

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Farish 'N' Spares
Designed and hosted by DKOMS
BRLines chose DKOMS to create, host and SEO their new eCommerce website.

SCL Bathrooms
Developed and hosted by DKOMS
SCL chose DKOMS to create and host their new website.

Triple L Autos
Designed and hosted by DKOMS
Triple L Autos chose DKOMS to re-design and SEO their company website.

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Web Development

Web Design Hemel Hempstead

DK Online Media Services offer affordable and professional website design, hosting and support solutions. From single page web presence to multi-page eCommerce sites, no job is too small. DKOMS has nearly 20 years of experience in the web development and IT industries. Please browse the site to see the full range of services DKOMS offer.

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Hosting Services

Hosting Services Hemel Hempstead

A selection of hosting packages are available from DKOMS, for e-mail, websites or file storage look no further. Unlimited hosting options available for all customers around the globe. Extensive E-Mail solutions, unlimited mail forwards and 10 standard mailboxes to start, all compatible with Outlook and Third-Party mail clients.

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New Site
Farish N Spares
eCommerce Hosting by DKOMS.
New Site
Designed and hosted by DKOMS.

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